We are proud to present STRADALLI Fly Rods

We believe that these are the Best Fly Rods and the Best Price that you will find Anywhere on the Internet.  Period!

These are medium-fast action fly rods that compare very favorably with any of the premium brand rods on the market today! The 100% Carbon-fiber construction makes them the most rugged and nearly impossible to break.
Each comes with a nylon packing sleeve and a hard tube each sporting the distinctive “Stradalli” logo.

In my 20 years as a Professional Trout guide, I have had the opportunity to fish with just about every brand of High-End Fly Rods on the Market.

I recently discovered the only 100% Carbon Fiber Fly Rod available Today and was blown away by the way they cast.. AND – the Price!

These Fly Rods have the balance and feel of the High-End Fly Rods that come with prices upwards of $1000 Dollars!

The High-End Fly Rods on the Market Today are made from either Graphite or a Graphite/Carbon Fiber Composite.

STRADALLI is the first company to manufacture High-End fly Rods from 100% Carbon Fiber -AND, they are remarkable!

Carbon Fiber has the Highest Strength to Weight Ratio of any of the new Space Age materials. This makes the STRADALLI Fly Rods Stronger and lighter than anything currently on the market!

The difference is immediately evident as soon as you pick up one of these beauties!

We Invite you to see for yourself!

As our way of introducing these Fly Rods to the market, We are making these rods available to the market at Unbelievable Prices because we want to get them out to as many people as possible!

Carbon fiber’s distinct lightness and strength make it a viable, versatile, and useful commercial product for a wide variety of markets.  Along with strength and lightweight properties, the benefits of carbon fiber and its composites include:

  • A unique and distinct appearance that’s nearly impossible to replicate.
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio, compared to other materials.
  • Superior fatigue properties.
  • High Stiffness.
  • The strongest carbon fiber is 10x stronger and 5x lighter than steel.
  • The strongest carbon fiber is 8x stronger and 1.5x lighter than aluminum.

From <http://www.trudesign.net/benefits/>

Here’s what you get:

  • High End 100% Carbon Fiber Fly Rod……….$ 1000 Value
  • Hard Travel Tube with nylon sleeve both with the distinctive STRADALLI Logo………$70 Value
  • Combos come with beautifully balanced STRADALLI Reel with backing and Floating Line……..$250 Value

                                       This is a $1320 Value

But you can get yours TODAY for a Special Introductory Price of:

                                               Just  $275.00

But the truth is that we only have a limited supply at these Incredibly low Prices!

Be one of the FIRST to get yours today by clicking here!

                                               Just  $275.00

*When you receive your new STRADALLI  Fly Rod, Please email us and tell us how much you love it so that we can share your comments with our new prospective customers..


PS- they make Great Gifts for the Holidays!

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